Current stable version is: 2.1.1 (See the Changelog)

Name Release Date Size 14/02/2021 24.6MiB
REDasm_3.0_BETA4_Linux_AMD64.AppImage 14/02/2021 30.6MiB 31/01/2021 38.4MiB
REDasm_3.0_BETA3_Linux_AMD64.AppImage 31/01/2021 30.1MiB 16/01/2021 24.3MiB
REDasm_2.1.1_x86_64.AppImage 23/05/2019 27.6MiB 23/05/2019 6.7MiB 23/05/2019 47.2MiB
REDasm_2.1_x86_64.AppImage 11/05/2019 27.6MiB 11/05/2019 6.7MiB 11/05/2019 47.2MiB 04/03/2019 4.9MiB
REDasm_2.0_x86_64.AppImage 04/03/2019 85.0MiB 04/03/2019 91.0MiB

Nightly builds are generated by AppVeyor (Windows) and TravisCI (Linux) and they provides the latest features and bugfixes, but they can be unstable.

Name Release Date Size 09/01/2021 38.3MiB 03/01/2021 35.9MiB 23/05/2019 6.7MiB
REDasm_x86_64_20190523.AppImage 23/05/2019 27.6MiB 11/05/2019 6.7MiB
REDasm_x86_64_20190511.AppImage 11/05/2019 27.6MiB 11/05/2019 47.2MiB 24/03/2019 7.1MiB
REDasm_x86_64_20190324.AppImage 24/03/2019 87.1MiB

These are unofficial packages created by the community.
Currently, there is no official support for them.

OS Package Name URL
Arch (Stable) redasm
Arch (Rolling) redasm-git
Debian redasm
FreeBSD redasm